September 27, 2010

When it rains, it pours

Hola Hola Familia!
Second week of the transfer and I feel like I´ve been out here my whole life! Ok not really, but time really gets pretty warped out here. I´m doing good though, especially now that my bug bites are healing and the heat rash on my stomach is subsiding lol. I even washed all my sheets and clothes in the sink, by myself! Got to love serving in a foreign country! Haha. But really, things are good. Today we´ve been visiting an area called The Conde that´s full of shops and is very touristy, it´s been fun and kind of reminds me of disneyland.
This week has been full of interesting experiences. Firstly, Hna Mejia had training two days this week and it was quite the fiasco. The first day they sent me to Mendoza to work with some other sisters, but the travel time took so long that really it wasted a whole day of work. I got to see another area though and swim through gutters in Mendoza because it POURED on us. My shoes took two days just to dry. The second day the assistants wisened up and I just stayed in the mission office with the clerk Hna Whittaker and helped her get caught up on some office work. It made me miss office work believe it or not! I´m such a nerd I actually like addressing envelopes and sorting mail.
Other than that we´ve had some good things and hard things with investigators. Our progressing investigator Grace didn´t make it to church, so that was tough. But we´re continuing to visit her and she shows a sincere desire to change those things in her life that aren´t in harmony with the gospel. We have Oct 10th set for her baptism, so pray for her with us. We also found a family to start teaching! Hooray! They actually live right next to us and their names are Keirys, Rafael, and a little daughter Keira. They are SO sweet and we really hope to get them started on the lessons. We also finally got to visit with Nayeli, who was the first lesson I taught the day I got here. She´s very receptive but her mother won´t let her attend church. Hopefully prayers will soften her heart. Yesterday we had the privelege to attend the baptismal service of Patricio, one of the elders´investigators, and we even had two investigators attend the baptism. It was really neat to participate and I even got to direct the music. I need to practice that more though lol.
Basically, things here in the DR are good. Still hot and sweaty, but cooling off, and as always full of opportunity to share the gospel. I´m so excited next week to hear what the prophet and apostles have to teach us! Hopefully they let me listen in English, yikes. But either way, the Spirit still speaks the same language right? That´s what I have to keep reminding myself. Anyways, love you all! Until next week!

Hermana Bradley

P.S. Megan Settles, if you´re reading this, I need you address, email it to me would you? And quit moving lol.

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