October 4, 2010

Such is Life

Querida Familia y Amigos,

Another week come and gone, and this one really did fly by. So how did everyone like conference? I love hearing the words of the prophets!! Especially when it´s in English lol...yes I got to watch in English even though I missed some parts because we were late. Dominicans tend to run late in everything...if you thought mormon standard time was bad...I´m trying to cope with the adjustment though lol. But anyways, I especially loved Elder Oaks and Andersen´s addresses. And of course President Monson, we are so blessed to have a living prophet. It was also neat to bring some of our investigators to the sessions. One investigator, Ronaldo, who´s from Haiti and doesn´t speak alot of Spanish, came and said he felt the spirit so strongly that he feels confident baptism is the right decision. He´s set for baptism next sunday, so we´ll see. Time for more prayer!

Hna Mejia and I started teaching a family that lives right by us, Keiry and Rafael and their little girl Keira. They are so sweet and we are really hoping to make headway with them, but timing always seems to be off. Satan has a way of using time against us. But the Lord´s way is always best, so we will rely on Him.

Last night we taught one of our investigators Alejandro on the doorsteps of an apartment complex about the articles of faith. He´s shown interest as we´ve taught his brother Estalen and asked questions, but you can tell he´s been holding out a little bit. However, under the street light on the sidewalk last night, Hna Mejia and I bore our simple testimonies and we felt the spirit so strongly. I often struggle with my inability to express myself in Spanish, but the more I trust in the Lord the more I realize that what I say has nothing to do with it, but rather what Spirit I invite through my words and feelings. We have to love and care about our investigators and want to the Lord´s will before anything can truly be achieved.

I learn more everyday about how imperfect and lame I am...and how much better I can be if I just put my faith and trust in the Lord. He shows me His love through so many ways and yet I still find things to gripe about. I´ve been humbled alot this week by just opening my eyes and recognizing all the things I have to be grateful for. If ever we´re struggling with something, we should stop and count our blessings, just like the hymn says. Love you all!

Hermana Bradley

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