October 25, 2010

Translados and a Rat

¡Hola Familia!

Lots of things to report this week. Firstly, I received my transfer call last night...and I will be staying here in Gazcue with Hermana Mejia! However, the new sister from the CCM will be joining us to make a nice little trio. I´m excited for the change...and maybe a little excited to have someone to speak English to haha. I´ve felt a little stifled in being restricted to only Spanish for the last 6 weeks. She´ll arrive tomorrow afternoon and then we´ll get straight to work.

As for the work...things are good. Hard, but good. We had two new investigators come to church yesterday, but two of our progressing investigators failed to make it, which is always discouraging. Church here is always at 9am and most people don´t like to get up before 11am on the weekends, so church on Sunday is a sacrifice. But sacrifice brings forth blessings and we´re trying to remember that as we wait on our investigators. Last monday we had a neat experience as we participated in a noche de hogar with a less active family we tracted in to that is from Peru. One of the stake presidency families hosted and the Spirit was so strong as we listened to a simple lesson about how we are all children of God.

Currently we are working with a gentleman named Juan who attended church last week and has really shown a willingness to change his life. However, he has alot of trials to overcome as he prepares for baptism. Last night we taught him and his good friend Rudy about the word of wisdom, and it was so neat to see these two friends commit to keep this commandment and also to helping eachother. The Lord truly does bless us with support as we express righteous desires to follow His will

Hna Mejia and I had quite the adventure this week as well. I decided to fish my English hymn book out of my suitcase so we could practice for language study, only to find that the edges had all been nibbled away on my leather cover...which led to the discovery of a mouse in my suitcase. That was fun. Actually, it really wasn´t haha. But I´ve now learned the important lesson of not leaving things open including windows for mice and rats to crawl up. Living on the third floor of a building apparently isn´t enough of a deterrent for Dominican rats lol.

Anyways, things are good and finally cooling down...slightly. Well, I still sweat, but not as much lol. I´m trying to work hard and keep my mind focused on the Lord´s children and how I can help them. Hope you all have a great week and Happy Halloween!

Hermana Bradley

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