December 28, 2010

Feliz Ano Nuevo

Dear Family and Friends,
It was so so wonderful to hear your voices and talk to you all. I love
and miss you more than words can say! After I got off the phone I told
my companion that I was pretty sure I could make it through the rest
of my mission now lol. Some days I still wonder though... Anyways,
Christmas here was fantastic, and still continues as everyone
celebrates the holidays until the 6th of January where they give gifts
for the Day of the Kings. Somebody please tell me why we don´t do this
in America? Any excuse to extend Christmas is a good idea if you ask
me! So everyone is still in high spirits around here as the holidays
continue. I got to attend our mission Christmas program this past week
as well where we sang the whole 8 hymns of Christmas there are in
Spanish. Not going to lie, I won´t miss singing Christmas hymns once
the holidays are over. I love them and all...but the same 8 hymns? I
need more variety in my life lol. We also had an unexpected adventure
this week as we got to go visit the CCM in the west mission so I could
get my TB shot checked...which by the way I´m happy to report that I
am officially Tuberculosis Free! Hooray! We got dropped off on the
wrong street and the genius who invented the street system for Santo
Domingo needs to get his or her head checked because the streets here
are LOCO! We walked around different blocks for almost 45 minutes to
arrive at the CCM which was less that a quarter mile from where we got
dropped off. Gotta love the adventure. The work is going really well
to as people are always a little more willing to talk about the gospel
during this time of year. Even though the majority of our
investigators have left for the campo, we´ve been able to find new
families and visit with others. We had 5 investigators at church on
Sunday, two of which we were on the verge of dropping. We´ve also had
some neat experiences in listening to people describe how they have
felt the Spirit. Mayra, one of our investigator´s who lost her husband
a few months ago, told us how she felt it while reading the
restoration pamphlet alone in her kitchen one day. I LOVE hearing
people describe feeling the Spirit! Every day is incredible as we see
miracles moment by moment. I am so grateful to be a part of this work!
Oh and I also received a stack of letters on Christmas. Thank you
Megan, Kimber, Martha, Vandenberghe family, and Wirthlin family! So
wonderful to hear from you! Anyways, this cafe is awful and the
computers keep shutting down so I´ll wrap this up, but I love all you
guys and miss you lots! I hope you all have a safe happy new years and
remember to count your blessings! Love you!!!
Hermana Bradley

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