December 6, 2010


Hello My Family Dearest!

First of all, I apologize for not getting my email out last week. I typed it up all nice and pretty and then saved it in drafts without sending it. Oops. But now you get a double dose this week! Anywho, things here in Gazcue have been moving fast this week and tomorrow is tranfers. I got the call this morning that I am off to the lovely area of Los Frailles in Las Americas. I´m sad to leave the ward and members here, but I know the Lord´s hand is in this work and that there is work for me to do there. I will be with Hermana Diaz, who´s also Dominican, so I´ll say goodbye to English again for awhile. I think I´m getting better at it though. Slowly but surely, I will be fluent!

As for the work this week, we´ve had some high highs and some low lows. On Tuesday when we visited Yaquelin we found her very very upset and practically unwillingly to speak to us. We left her house feeling drained and confused, but after lots of prayer on her behalf, we passed by the next day and found her better. The Lord truly does answer prayers, and sometimes we have to recognize that we have to take things to Him...that we can´t fix them...but He ALWAYS can, as long as we put our faith and trus in Him. I´ve found myself on my knees many times this week for a myriad of reasons, but I can testify that every single one of my prayers has been answered, and I have no doubt that the Lord hears and answers our prayers when we offer up our prayers with sincere faith and intention.

Another wonderful blessing this week was finding a new family, and wow was it an experience! We have been praying to find families lately as that is a focus right now in the mission. So Wednesday, we walked up to a door and greeted a woman washing dishes. She curtly left the doorway to beckon the houseowner. When this man walked up to the door with a giant frown on his face I was almost ready to turn around and run away. He was not very friendly looking! But we introduced ourselves hesitantly and when he told us his name was Flamarion I responded that it was a very unique name, to which he replied jokingly I needed to be punished from the heavens for saying so. Haha. It was a good ice breaker...which led to him inviting us in and an hour long discussion on religion. To see the change come over this man from the moment he came to the door to the moment we got up to leave, was AMAZING. He expressed a desire to learn more and visit church with his wife and two children in the coming weeks. So even though I´m being transferred, I´m exciting to hear of this family´s progress. And again, how amazing the Lord answers prayers.

We also had an incredible lesson with Alix this week, who has been reading the chapters we leave him religiously and then coming to us with questions. We had the chance to visit him with a returned missionary who could answer all of his questions about the priesthood, and what a blessing that was! Then on Sunday we were floored when he showed up to church again and was already asking questions in Sunday School about the plan of salvation. I love to see this gospel inspire people to change and learn more about the plan the Lord has for them. So amazing!

And for the moment of laughs this week...Hna Mejia, Ward, and I successfully crossed a 7 lane autopista this week. Running across the lanes and getting stuck in the middle for some time was quite the experience, but we did survive. However, I don´t think I´ll be trying it again anytime soon. Hermana Ward and I are always joking that when we get hit by a bus we´re going to have them put "Death by Guagua" on our tombstone. Don´t ask me why they call buses here´s a Dominican thing.

Anyways, I hope you are all happy and healthy. This gospel is true and I am continually amazed by the hand of the Lord in our lives. I recently read a quote from President Howard W. Hunter that I´ve been pondering alot lately. "Our detours and disappointments are the straight and narrow path to Him." As I have continued to experience the ups and downs of this work, I have been able to recognize the reality of this statement. It is at our most difficult and trying moments that we truly grow closer to our Lord. He tries us because He loves us and knows that it´s the only way to bring us back to Him. When we rely and truly submit our will to Him, we become instruments in His hands and bring both ourselves and others closer to Him. I love you guys!!!!

Hermana Bradley

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