March 29, 2011

A Lesson on Kites

Saludos Familia y Amigos,
I can´t believe how fast this week came and went! I am so incredibly excited for conference this coming weekend though! I hope you are all preparing to take some time out as well and listen to our modern day prophets. Today Hermana Reay and I had the opportunity to read a talk from the priesthood session last April by Elder Uchtdorf on patience and wow was it jam packed with spiritual edification! Nothing touches my heart faster than reading and re-reading conference addresses. I will never look at conference the same after my mission. Anyways, aside from that, I also read a really great quote from one of the most recent Liahona´s about kites. It said something along the lines of ¨Adversity is like the wind that blows a kite, the stronger it comes the higher the kite can fly.¨ I´ve pondered on that quote alot over the past week as I´ve reflected on the first half of my mission. I can hardly believe it´s half over and yet at the same time I feel like a lifetime has passed. The first half of my mission there was definitely alot of wind blowing, but I feel stronger and higher now as a result, and even though there are still the occasional nose dives, I know that the Lord blesses us with adversity to help us fly higher. I hope I can always maintain that perspective as more adversity is always bound to come.
In other news, this week Hermana Reay and I finally got Elizabeth and Ines to church. They are the sister and mother of Englibert, our baptism from last transfer. Both of them are eager to learn more about the gospel and are making changes in their life. But leaving behind the world when you´ve lived in it so long is not easy. We were visiting yesterday with a recent convert who has gone completely inactive and basically expressed the same feelings. The culture here in this country can be difficult for people to let go of as many grow up living the street life and doing wordly things. However, I know the Lord loves each of His children and when they have a sincere desire, nothing is impossible to overcome...but sometimes it does take time. Please pray for
Anyways, the work in Los Frailes continues to roll forward and I find myself profoundly grateful to be here doing the Lord´s errand. It´s gotten hot again so we get to sweat lots more now, but luckily the water has partially returned to our apartment, so we at least get the shower with sufficient water these days. But all of it´s worth it in the end! Thanks again for all your love and support! I especially appreciated the packages from Mom and Kellie this week, thanks so much! As well as the letters from Aleni, Maren, and Sara....return letters will be on the way! Love you guys!
Hermana Bradley

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