January 10, 2011

Listen to that Voice

Dear Family and Friends,
I hear you are all freezing back at home! Even Sara and Alyse keep writing about getting bundled up. But if ya´ll would like to be warm, just come on down to the Caribbean, it´s SWELTERING again and I am missing the snow of home. On the bright side, I´ll have a nice ugly missionary tan when I get home! Anyways, the work here is going well, and Hna Diaz and I are working hard to prepare some of our investigators for baptism. The family we were meeting with right before Christmas finally returned and we got to teach them the plan of salvation this week. As we were sitting there and I was testifying of the Savior´s role in our Heavenly Father´s plan for us, Kelvin and Yaselis were holding hands and smiling and WOW you could practically reach out and touch the Spirit it was so strong. Moments like those remind why I came out here. Because this gospel IS true. We CAN have eternal families, and the Lord has prepared a way for us to achieve that. Another neat experience this week was with one of the young adult single sisters in the ward. We´ve been visiting her and her brother for awhile now, and she´s coming back to church, but the ward here doesn´t have alot of support for young singles. We passed by her house on a whim this week and as we sat down to share a scripture, I was browsing through my list of favorites I have, just to help me remember, and one stuck out to me. As the thought came to my mind I immediately asked myself ´´Why would I share that? She´s doing great.¨ But the prompting came again strong, so I swallowed my pride and shared it. As this sister read the scripture, she began crying and smiling. Afterwards she explained that she´d been feeling very alone and discouraged and had been praying for help, and our visit and scripture had been just what she needed. Wow. I love this work!!! The Lord loves His children, and He uses each of us to help support one another. And to think I almost ignored the prompting. I have lots more to learn out here. Yesterday we visited with one of our Haitian investigators, and took our lider misional Hno Pierre with us, who speaks Creole (a dialect of French spoken in Haiti) and got to listen to Justín not only bear her testimony of Joseph Smith, but bear it to her neighbors who were murmuring about it. Then Hno Pierre proceeded to tell the murmurers in Creole that they would have made great pharisees in the times of Jesus. Hahaha. I almost died laughing when he told us afterwards. Sometimes I wish I could speak Creole...but I still need to master Spanish first. We also had a bit of excitement this week when the colmado (small corner market) next to our apartment building was robbed. The thieves shot at our complex gatekeeper and broke a windshield of a car parked in front of our building. At the time I was a little freaked out, but afterwards I remembered mom´s words ¨I´m not worried about you dying. If you die in the mission field, it´s the Lord´s will¨ Haha. Thanks mom. Really though things are good and I know that as missionaries we are protected by the Lord. It is such a blessing to be out here serving my brothers and sisters and doing the work of my Heavenly Father. Thank you all of you for your love and support. I have continued to receive lots
of letters and emails from all of you, and I am so grateful for them. Although the mission is wondeful, it can also be very trying, but it always helps to know that I have people who love me and are praying for me. Thanks again to all of you and have a wonderful week!
Hermana Bradley

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