January 25, 2011

There was a bee...

¡Hola Hola!
As you may have guessed from the subject, yes, there WAS a bee, actually, more specifically a wasp, and yes I got stung. Today we went to Parque del Este to visit with all the other missionaries from the capital and apparently I still need to learn Spanish because an Elder warned me that there were wasps in the area, but I clearly didn´t understand the warning. So now I have a big red welt on the back of my calf. Lessons learned the hard way I guess. But anyways, the work continues to roll on here in Los Frailes. Hermana Louis arrived on Friday afternoon and now we are officially a trio. I´m re-learning patience all over again with cultural and personality differences, but that´s mission life. I just need to suck it up. However, recieved some good news today that Elder Nelson will be visiting our mission next month! Which means we´ll combine with the West Mission to hear him speak to us! So exciting! We´ll also be going to the temple this month, so lots of blessings this transfer.

La obra misional is going well. Kelvin and Yaselis have their baptism set for this Saturday and they have already been interviewed. They are both so ready and so excited to have an eternal family and I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of their journey. Another blessing has been the progress of Dulce, a sweet sister we´ve been teaching for the last few weeks who has a member daughter that´s married and living in Utah. Dulce was able to come to church yesterday for the second time and she is quickly gaining a testimony of the clarity and truth the Book of Mormon contains. Her husband Guzman has beliefs that are a little different, but with the help of the Lord his heart is being softened and he is very receptive of us. We hope to see Dulce baptized before the end of this transfer.

This week I´ve been tearing through issues of the Liahona. Since I finally finished reading Jesus the Christ, I just can´t get enough wisdom from our modern day prophet and apostles! Such a blessing! There is a FANTASTIC article by Elder Oaks in the January issue called ¨Fundamentals to our Faith¨ that I would highly recommend. So powerful! And I love that he gave it at a university conference...one of the ivy leagues. I also was re-reading Elder Scott´s fantastic address from conference and discovered my new motto from his talk ¨We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become.¨ I think for me one of the hardest things is just being content with my best efforts. I need to recognize that everything is a process, and as long as I am trying to be what I want to become, everything will work out in the end. Another wonderful blessing from personal study lately has been reciting the Living Christ. I finally finished memorizing it (in English) and I have found it incredibly helpful spiritually and metally to recite it at least once a day. Then when I´m reading scriptures or sharing with investigators, parts of it will come to my mind and help me better express my testimony or apply a principle. Experiences like that happen every day out here, and each one gives me strength and helps remind me that what I do every day makes a difference. Satan works hard to convince us otherwise, but every day, every moment counts. Anyways, I hope all is well at home. You´re in my thoughts and prayers always!
Hermana Bradley

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