January 17, 2011

Transfer Time

I cant believe its time for transfers again! But anywho, received the call last night that I will kicking here in Los Frailes with Hermana Diaz still....and another hermana. Thats right, the Lord in His infinite wisdom has decided to BLESS me again with a trio. It should be an interesting transfer...one Dominican, one American, and one Haitian. Haha. But really, Im just happy that I get to stay here and continue working with the people here, especially since we have a baptismal date! After an incredible week visiting Kelvin and Yaselis each day, they have committed to be baptized at the end of this month and I am SO incredibly excited for them! This little young family is so special and it has been a blessing to see their progress. They were able to attend both sessions of area conference with us yesterday and their testimonies grow stronger daily. They will be a great blessing to many people both within and outside the church.
Another wonderful experience we had this week was with Dulce and her husband Guzman. We have been visiting with Dulce for a few weeks now as she is very interested in the church and how it has blessed the life of her daughter, who converted as a teenager, married an RM, and now lives in Utah. However, the health of Guzman is not the greatest and he showed little interest in sharing with us initially. But the Lord always provides a way where there are righteous desires! We passed by on Friday with Hermano Abad, an elderly member of the ward, who was key in discussing the gospel with Guzman. Both agreed to attend conference on Sunday, arrived together, and enjoyed the company of old friends from the ward as well as the counsel from area authorities. Such a blessing!
We also had an interesting experience with a contact this week. We greeted Daniel in front of his house and introduced ourselves. He then proceeded to tell us that he was an atheist and explained all the reasons why. He had recently experienced a trial with a home robbery among other things, and just proclaimed that God would not let things like that happen. Afterwards as Hermana Diaz and I were discussing it, both of us realized that, in all reality, atheists believe in God just as much as anyone else. The problem is that they do not WANT to believe in God because they have not yet learned to grow from their trials. Not an easy lesson to learn, as we are all continually learning it. But it was an eye opening experience nonetheless.
This week marked 6 months in the mission for me, and I can hardly believe it has ONLY been 6 months, and that it has passed so quickly. Time in the mission is like nothing else. But I am learning to enjoy things in the moment and trying hard not to live in the past or worry too much about the future. It is a constant battle out here, but I can feel the centimeters of progress. Slowly, ever so slowly. Thank you to all of you for your love, support, and letters! They help get me through the hard days and make the good days all the better. I could not do this work without all of my cheerleaders at home. Love you guys!
Hermana Bradley

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