April 5, 2011

Conference High

Hola Hola
Well this letter should be interesting as the space bar doesn´t really want to work. But at least you´ll all be getting pictures this week. Let´s just face it though, internet in the DR is basically lame lol. I´m sweating my body weight in this place. Anyways, onto happier things. This week we had interviews with the president and I was happy to hear from him that there will most likely be no changes in our area this transfer! Wahoo! I´m excited to get some more time here with our investigators and especially work with Hna Reay. Even though we definitely aren´t the perfect companionship, we are having alot of fun and working hard together. Although, would you believe we still haven´t moved? Sometimes trials try our patience lol. I guess why they´re called TRIals. However, today was a nice escape as our zone got to visit Los Tres Ojos, a beautiful natural reserve place where they have amazing caves. I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. So fun! This weekend was also fantastic as we got to listen to conference and hear the voice of our prophet! Due to some technical difficulties I got to watch the first session in French with English captions. I may or may not be considering a third language already for when I return home lol. I was also giddy with excitement to see the special they had between sessions about the Messiah in the Holy Land. So cool! It made me miss Jeru and all my friends so much!
Anyways, aside from conference, we also had a very good week of work. On Thursday we visited Ludmilla, who just got over a really bad virus and hadn´t been able to attend church for a few weeks. But she did start reading her homework in her French Book of Mormon (she´s Haitian) and was SO excited about the plan of salvation. She couldn´t stop grinning and the Spirit was so strong throughout the lesson. We were led to pùt down a baptismal date, and although some other road blocks have appeared since, we are confident she will be baptized within April and receive all of those blessings she is anxiously awaiting. We´ve also been visiting with Evelyn for the last few weeks and after attending church the week before conference and recognizing the special Spirit the gospel has brought into her life, she also committed to be baptized this month. She´s anxious to bring her children to church next time and has already begun to share what´s she´s learned with her neighbors. We all had to chuckle at our last visit when she asked if she could include herself using ¨us¨ when sharing things about the church and members lol. I love this work and even though the days are long and hard and I´m still imperfect as ever, I know it is true. Alot of the speakers in conference this week spoke about ¨becoming¨ instead of just ¨doing¨, and I am determined now more than ever to become that disciple of Christ my Heavenly Father needs me to be. We can´t just ¨do¨ the gospel, as I´ve often found myself explaining to investigators. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints isn´t a hobby or a just Sunday thing. It´s a way of life, and as Elder Robbins explained, we don´t ever cross off a to do list ¨to be¨ because it is NEVER done. So let us all move forward and center our desires on becoming more like our Savior! Love you all!
Hermana Bradley

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