November 15, 2010

Counting the Blessings

Saludos Querida Familia y Amigos!
This week has been full of many wonderful blessings and I am continually amazed by how much the Lord gives each of us every day. Firstly, I had zone conference this week where I got to hear one of our area seventies, Elder Coleman, speak to us. I always feel so pumped and ready to go out and share the gospel after meetings like that. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in numbers, streets, appointments, and such that we forget what the real purpose invite others to come unto Christ. And that can be done in almost every moment through the words we say and actions we take. One of our new focal points of the mission is to teach investigators the importance of prayer and their opportunity to receive a personal confirmation through the Spirit. It´s been wonderful to see how that has impacted our work as we put it into focus. It reminded me of one of the general conference talks...I think it was Elder Bednar....who referenced the importance of both personal revelation as well as revelation by church leadership. In the Lord´s kingdom, truly both work together for the good of all. I also received letters this week from Grandpa Joe, Kellie, Lisa, Maren, Brittany, and Julie Tanner. If any of you are reading this, THANK YOU! Every one of your letters had words I needed to hear and only made my week that much better. :-)
As for the work, we again got to teach Matthew this weekend as he prepares for baptism. It was so neat because his aunt was telling us how he was adamant in telling his grandparents (whom he lives with during the week) that he HAD to go to his mom´s house this week for "church class" with the missionaries (our lessons) and so he could attend church. I love the pure intentions of children! We also were blessed to see five other investigators attend church along with Matthew, all of which were cousins or friends of Baya. Both us and Baya were grinning from ear to ear all block. I also had the chance to go on splits this last week for the first time ever. Generally splits aren´t allowed in our mission for a myriad of reasons, but we got special permission from the president for me to go out with Irina, a young woman who´s going to El Salvador on her mission in a few weeks and wanted some extra prep. We had a wonderful afternoon proselyting and teaching lessons! She´s going to make an amazing missionary!
Anyways, things are going well and I am enjoying the challenges and blessings out here in the field. The Lord is blessing my companionship as we continue to learn and grow together, and my testimony is strengthened everyday. As I´ve sometimes battled with discouragement, I have found myself relying on the support I receive through letters and email, which has helped tremendously. I can´t say enough how blessed I feel to have such wonderful family and friends supporting me. Thank you to every one of you for the ways you have done so and continue to do so. It´s hard to get discouraged when I think of all of you cheering me on from home. :-) Have a wonderful week and I love you all!
Hermana Bradley

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