November 9, 2010

Well Worth the View

Hello Hello Family!
It´s been another long and eventful week for me here in the tropics...and I have been reminded yet again that I AM in the tropics. Thanks to the storm that passed through Haiti and parts of the D.R. last week we´ve had lots of rain and wind. I have actually gotten cold the past few nights...never thought that would happen! It´s been nice to have a change of pace though, and not gonna lie, I don´t miss sweating in the hot hot sun. But it´s bound to come back soon so I´m trying to just enjoy it lol. I can´t believe it snowed at home! I miss snow!

Anyways, aside from the weather, Hna Ward, Mejia, and I have been busy working with investigators, both new and old. Right now we are teaching 9 year old Matthew. He´s the son of Grace, who was our baptism from last transfer. It´s a totally different experience teaching children from adults, but it´s incredible to see the impact of Grace´s example on her children. Having the opportunity to be there and listen to her teach him how to pray as well as bear her own simple Awesome. We also are still teaching some family members of Baya. Baya sells fruit on a corner a block from our apartment and he´s such a great member missionary! He is always sharing his testimony with others and setting a wonderful example in church by arriving early and fulfilling his assignments. Now we´re teaching his two brothers and sister in law, and hope to see them baptized by the end of the transfer. Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit a less active member in the ward who´s a single mother. We just stopped by and I shared a scripture from 2 Nephi 4...the one Sara sent to me a few months ago, but our visit was an answer to her prayers and she expressed that to us. Such a neat experience to be a tool in the hands of the Lord!

Basically, the work is going very well. Apparently my Spanish is improving as I´ve had many members of the ward tell me so in the last few weeks...although I feel like I´m the same, but I don´t know when I´m speaking correctly or not so I guess I´m not a good judge lol. I did have an elderly gentleman ask me yesterday while we were contacting if I was Espanola. He said I looked and sounded like I was from Spain. So even though I´m pretty sure he was a little drunk, it made me feel better about my Spanish haha. My testimony grows stronger and stronger every day as I learn to put my faith in the Lord and rely on His guidance in this work. I am nothing without Him, but I can do everything through Him. I remember someone saying to me before I left that a mission makes the rest of your life possible. I feel that each day is a mountain to climb, but the Lord helps me through it every time and I know by the end I will look back from the top and think to myself that while the view was well worth it, the climb was what I´ll remember most. Thank you for all your prayers and support. I love you guys!!!!
Hermana Bradley

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