May 16, 2011

A Little Puffy There...

So this week has quite possibly been the longest and hardest week of my life. But I´m trying to press forward and focus on my blessings as I know it is only when we open our eyes that we truly begin to see the hand of the Lord in our lives. Had an interesting experience yesterday as I work up in the morning very confused because my right eye just didn´t want to open. When I got out of bed and looked in the mirror, I was horrified to see that my eye was puffy, red, and swollen shut. So of course when I showed up to church all of the ward was in a flurry suggesting possible theories of what it could be and what remedies there were. I decided to stick with a benadryl and leave it alone...which worked just fine. It´s back to normal size today and just slightly puffy, but we still have no idea what it was. The work in Los Frailes continues to try us as we clean our investigator pool and try to coordinate appointments with members who don´t often come when they say they will. It can be very discouraging. However, after lots of tears, prayers, and hard work, Ines is set to be baptized this Saturday. Working with Ines has been special for me as I was one of the missionaries who baptized her son Englibert. With the change he´s made in his life thanks to the gospel, Ines was inspired to investigate the church even though she practically vowed to never step foot inside it. She reads her book of mormon faithfully and continually hungers for more knowledge. She will face some economic trials as she will have to quit a job in order to join the church, but I know the Lord will bless her for her sacrifice. Each day my testimony grows stronger of how aware the Lord is of His children. He KNOWS us, He KNOWS our situations, and He is constantly guiding us with an ever patient hand as long as we´re willing to follow Him.
Hermana Bradley

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