May 2, 2011

May Already?!

Dear Family,
Another week has come and gone and here we are in May! I wish I could say this week was more exciting than last week and the work picked up, but it stalled yet again. It seems like we work hard all week without seeing much success, but then we always have lots of investigators at church on Sunday. It´s kind of ironic. However, right now we are really hoping to see the baptism of Ines in the coming weeks. She is the mother of my baptism from two transfers back, Englibert. At the beginning she didn´t even want anything to do with the church as she has worked as the secretary for another church for years, but once she saw the change in her adult son, she opened up alot. Now she´s reading the Book of Mormon faithfully and attending church. We´re praying hard that she can find a new job soon and be baptized. Another blessing yesterday was the appearance of Fanny and Valerie in church. I´ve been visiting Fanny and Valerie´s house since I got to the area as Fanny´s sister Flor was baptized just before I arrived but immediately fell inactive. The sisters were initially visiting Fanny when Flor began accepting the lessons and Fanny dropped them. However, after attending church yesterday for the first time, both Fanny and her daughter Valerie are alot more open to listening and we hope to see progress with them as well. We also had a neat lesson last night wih Paula and Alvin, who told us they´d been talking to their neighbor Alexander about our visits and how different we are from other missionaries in other churches. Turns out Alexander has a member friend and once visited the church, so he also joined us for our lesson last night and was full of questions. So we offered to visit him and his wife later on in the week. It´s so amazing to see how the Lord works through people and brings us all together. Yesterday I was able to get up and bear my testimony as it is most likely my last fast and testimony meeting in Los Frailes, but who knows. My mission seems so long in some moments and so short in others. But I am so grateful for the lessons I am learning each day and especially for the special people I am meeting. Although the way has been fraught with trials of language and cultural differences, companionship trials, sicknesses, and difficult living conditions, I know it is all for a worthy cause. I love this gospel and I grow more aware of the great sacrifice of our Savior and the love our Heavenly Father each day.

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