August 24, 2011

So my first week training has been amazing and I am loving the work! Even though the trio has trials, Hna Vera, Hna McEntire, and I are seeing amazing miracles! Hna McEntire is from Richfield, UT and learning so fast! It´s so easy to train someone who is so willing to work hard and learn! I feel so blessed, and most of the time she teaches me things, so it´s pretty neat. We are also now doing the new 12 week study program for new missionaries, and it is incredible! Such an inspired program! We can already see the results in our area and we´re determined to keep working hard. This week we put baptismal dates with Elsa and Kenia, both of which made it to church on Sunday to round of a nice number of 7 investigators. I was especially floored when Felicia, a contact from a few weeks ago, walked in right before the meeting started. The night we contacted her I remember I was sick with a really bad migraine, but we were determined to finish our contacts. So I sat down beside her on the park bench and invited her to church. It was kind of funny because she answered my invitation with ¨Can´t you see I´m really irritated right now¨, but I think my confused and slightly nauseous face softened her heart lol. So she came to church and really liked it! So neat! Elsa is another contact from a few weeks ago that told us she´s always wanted to be a member of the church because of the example her older sister set as they were growing up together. She is already making sacrifices and changes in her life and is preparing for September 10th, so we´re really excited. On a funny note, Hna Vera surprised me the other day when we left an appointment and I jokingly said that Satan interrupted the Spirit while we were teaching by making the phone ring. Out of nowhere Hna Vera responded in English ¨Freaking Satan!¨ and both Hna McEntire and I just burst out laughing and asked where on earth she learned that. It was so funny. Anyways, today has been a wonderful pday with the temple visit in the morning and megacentro here in the afternoon. I LOVE THE TEMPLE! Can´t wait to go more often when I get home. We also got to meet some newbies who are coming in next transfer. So crazy how fast time is going by! Well, love and miss you all, hope you have a wonderful week!
Hermana Bradley

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